End-Of-Line is a software development framework and maintenance system for ECU.

The system includes:

  • ECU programming control modules
  • ECU programming stations for engine assembling
  • ECU programming stations for automotive production sites
  • ECU diagnostics and programming stations for authorized companies
  • ECU backup and diagnostics modules for presales, warranty and post-warranty repair of engines and vehicles

Key system elements:

Database server

  • Original specifications/models/configurations
  • Encrypted specifications/models/configurations to be transferred to regional server(s)
  • List of active regional servers
  • List of authorized service stations with active restrictions

Local server

  • Hosting server certificate and respective public & private keys that are physically stored at USB-dongle Certificate confirmed by Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  • Encrypted data synchronization with regional server
  • Service station license authorization and verification program

Regional server

  • Encrypted specifications/models/configurations
  • Encrypted data from service stations

Service station

  • Certificate signed by hosting server certificate and respective public & private keys that are physically stored at USB-dongle
  • Central server certificate physically stored at USB-dongle
  • Local database with received encrypted specifications
  • Encrypted specifications are stored in local database
  • Specifications stored at the station enable offline ECU programming (Internet connection not required during programming)
  • Program that enables specification reception and station statistics transfer via Internet


Authorized distributor of license USB-dongle

  • Host server USB-dongle copy (and its backup in database)
  • Copies of issued USB-dongle for service stations
  • Client USB-dongle generator


End-of-Line Configuration



Common diagnostics and programming stations interaction structure



(zoom chart)