Guardant license dongle

Guardant license dongle for AKM program


   For full-fledged work with the AKM program, you need to purchase a Guardant license dongle. For the dongle to work, no drivers need to be installed; the key works in the Windows HID mode of the device.

   At startup, the AKM program checks for a license dongle. If the dongle is missing, program execution continues in demo mode.


Licenses for ABIT ECUs

   Guardant license dongles use the principle of electronic licenses. The license is a permit to work with the selected type of ABIT ECU.

   The license is issued in electronic form and is installed on the dongle when it is initialized to the client. The dongle supports adding new licenses remotely, that is, via the Internet. The current generation of dongles supports the simultaneous installation of up to 250 licenses.

Adding new licenses to the Guardant dongle

In order to add a new license in the Guardant dongle, you must

    Send a request to Wait for confirmation that the requested license has been issued.

    Run the AKM program (Abit AKM Guardant) and select menu item
«Help / License update…».


To purchase Guardant dongle, please contact: