Real-time calibration system

Abit software enables real-time calibration and enhanced diagnostics of engine control systems.

AKM complies with ASAM/ASAP standards and is compatible with any ECU supporting .A2L files.

Main features of АКМ software:

  • Multiple data representation types for both static and dynamic data including 3D graphical representation of complex data sets
  • The concept of templates allows one to change the way the parameters are graphically displayed
  • Different levels of access to the properties and parameters of the system, which allows you to create configurations for various user groups
  • Support multiple devices on the network. Data from several devices can be combined to monitor the process
  • Monitoring data can be combined for mathematical processing
  • Tracking «history» of each model’s parameter in project
  • Data export to various file formats (e.g. *.dbc, *.csv, etc)


Examples of injector mode adjustment to set preliminary and working fuel supply in real time:

Examples of ECU adjustment on the engines in real time:

АКМ tool environment (MCD tool):
2-a3-AKM Tooling.docx